An inspiring testimonial to Alexander work

In this charming narrative, 28 year-old Alexis recounts her experience with Alexander lessons.

"Before the Alexander technique I thought that it might cure my persistent lower back pain. Since I started lessons I've discovered many benefits, only one of which is a better understanding of how to use my back.

Before the Alexander technique I used to think that it was comfortable to slide down in my chair, legs crossed in front of me, arms across my chest, head hanging down. Now I think I need to change my furniture to accommodate my upward thinking.

Before the Alexander technique I used to walk with my head down, looking at my feet. After the Alexander technique I discovered that eye contact is not fatal - a lesson I am still digesting.

Before the Alexander technique I used to catch glimpses of myself in the mirror that could ruin my entire day. Now I catch glimpses of myself and mirrors that please me.

Before the Alexander technique, exercising and eating healthy foods were things I had to force myself to do. Now exercising and eating well have become effortlessly easier. I feel in control of my body for the first time in my life, and take pleasure in it.

Before the Alexander technique if something was not right in my life it would overwhelm me and permeate other areas of my life. After the Alexander technique something can be terribly wrong, but I can still be fundamentally happy.

Before the Alexander technique I did not like to be alone very much. After the Alexander technique I've discovered that I like my time alone. I'm perfectly capable of finding fun and interesting things to do by myself.

Before the Alexander technique I had fixed ideas about myself. Since the Alexander technique I find I am frequently surprised by my feelings and actions.

Before the Alexander technique I was content to 'go with the flow', to see where life led. Since the Alexander technique I desire to have more input in my life. I have discovered that I am ambitious.

Before the Alexander technique I thought I had figured out some things about life. Now I realize I'm not as smart as I thought I was.

Before the Alexander technique I was more judgmental of myself and others. Now I surprise myself by wanting to break rules.

Before the Alexander technique I thought being selfish was the worst thing one could be. I would try to hide my selfish desires. Now I express them more readily and admire others who do, to.

Before the Alexander technique, my emotions were usually steady. Now I experience intense emotions - intense sadness as well as intense joy. I express my feelings more easily. I laugh more heartily if not necessarily more often."

The Alexander Technique, a Skill for Life ISBN 978 1 86126 © 1999 Pedro de Alcantara, one of our favorite writers about the Alexander Technique. He is an accomplished cellist as well as teacher of the Alexander Technique. You will enjoy his web site, perhaps even more if you are a musician (click here). Reprinted with kind permission of the publisher, The Crowood Press Ltd,

An Alexander Technique Lesson

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