About Sandy and Forrest Hawkins

Sandy and Forrest stumbled upon the Alexander Technique in the early 90’s.  Sandy had left a career in medical technology.  Forrest had left IBM, where he had worked for over 20 years in technical marketing.  Both positions proved to be excellent preparation to AT.  They each had several years of reacting to very high stress. Sandy had persistent shoulder and back discomfort, Forrest had honed an instant anxiety response as well as distorted posture.  After a course of several lessons, they decided to spend the rest of their lives sharing this gift with others.

It was not a simple matter for them to become AmSAT certified teachers of this work. They decided to study at the Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique (OCAT) in Portland, Oregon. They chose OCAT because its director was Rebecca Robbins. Rebecca has over 20 years of full time work with the Alexander Technique and perhaps almost as important, she shares Sandy and Forrest's reverence for the work. Once accepted for training, they sold their Florida property, packed belongings into their home-made luxury motor home and drove over 3,000 miles to join classmates.

Not only did training entail paying tuition and driving across the country, but they also gave up earning at a job for over three years. It was the best time and money they have ever spent. You won't hear a teacher of this work say they spent the time and incurred the costs because they hoped to make a lot of money from teaching. It is truly a labor of love. The training was a total immersion in learning F. M. Alexander's work.

It took three and a half years with over 1600 hours of classroom work and uncounted hours of book study to finally be certified by the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) to teach this work. It would be a privilege to share this work with you.

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An Alexander Technique Lesson

An excellent introductory video

Several experienced AT teachers discuss the work.

Sandy and Forrest Hawkins,
AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique consultants
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"We can throw away the habit of a lifetime in a few minutes if we use our brains."
F.M. Alexander